So Delicious Ice Cream Bars & Yogurt!

If you’re anything like me, you think that one of the best parts of being vegan is being able to have desserts and ice cream for breakfast. Because most plant-based treats can be assembled using frozen bananas, nuts, fruit and other healthy ingredients. If you’re anything like me, banana, chocolate chip, peanut butter breakfast wraps are totally acceptable any time of the day. And if you’ve ever tried the non-dairy ice cream bars from So Delicious, you know that dessert for breakfast has never been so ridiculously guiltless.

I recently received a mess of amazing products from So Delicious, including their ice cream bars in Just Java, Fudge and Simply Strawberry. My only problem? I’ve been eating them in threes. Choosing just one flavor to enjoy was too tough, so I’ve been binging on all three at once. What a delicious dilemma to have, right? I don’t even like coffee-flavored foods, and somehow, the Just Java bar might be my favorite. Then again, the strawberry and chocolate are extremely rich, flavorful and not overly sugary. Dammit, I REALLY cannot choose a favorite!

I also received some of their coconut milk yogurt, both plain and vanilla. I generally am not a fan of vegan yogurts, as I wasn’t too keen on the non-vegan version either. I don’t eat them straight up or with granola, but these are AWESOME added to a smoothie. I never knew my strawberry banana spinach morning drink could be so creamy! I’ve also been adding them to dressings and sauces and they add great depth of flavor. Blend some white beans, almond milk, yogurt and nutritional yeast together and then warm until thick and you’ve got yourself an incredible bechamel sauce!

I love that the ice cream is organic, too. And the absolutely best part of them is that, unlike most vegan products, they are  carrageenan-free! I always check the label first and expect to be disappointed by the addition of the chemical to most items, so I was thrilled to see that all the So Delicious stuff didn’t have it.

So check out So Delicious for some yummy, convenient vegan treats!
















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