Raw Stuffed Mushrooms with Rosemary Cream Sauce

Man, by the time Friday rolls around nowadays, I am wiped the eff out.

Cooking every single meal for this actor is not an easy task. I feel like an old lady, but literally standing on your feet all day takes it’s toll on your. I’m in my kitchen more than I sleep now, and I’m really starting to feel it, physically and mentally. It’s not that I don’t love it-because, really, I do. It’s just VERY draining. Especially on my poor feet and back.

OK, no more complaining. Promise.

As tired as I am though, I turned to the incredible Rawmazing for an idea for my final meal for the week. I followed it pretty closely and was more than thrilled with the results. I did swap our pine nuts for walnuts-I refuse to pay that much money for a tiny nut! I also subbed the water for fresh, raw almond milk 🙂

Get the recipe here




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  1. So proud of you! Keep up the AMAZING work!!! xoxo

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