So Delicious Almond Milk Yogurt & Creamer Review and Giveaway

Soooo didn’t I just host a So Delicious giveaway, like, last week?

I bet you’re not complaining though…I’m definitely not.

So Delicious seems to be rolling out new products monthly, all of them better than the last batch. Well, not really. Because I love them all equally. But every new package that arrives at my door is increasingly full of more organic ingredients, less processed chemicals and….drum-roll please….NO CARRAGEENAN!

So even though I am not a huge fan of plant-based yogurts or creamers, I was super thrilled to try some of the new kinds from SD. Mainly because the yogurts came in some kick ass flavors instead of the bland, plain variations I’ve tried before. And even though I am not a coffee drinker, I found some awesome alternate uses for them.

Here’s the rundown on the latest and greatest from So Delicious. And enter yet another Vegan Pact/SD giveaway below!







BLUEBERRY YOGURT: I think the blueberry version was the closest in taste to what non-vegan blueberry yogurt used to taste like. It was sweeter than the others, but not overwhelmingly sugary. I loved the bits of real blueberry and the texture was great overall



CHOCOLATE YOGURT: Definitely my favorite! But was it yogurt-like? I honestly thought it tasted closer to a pudding or mousse. Which I absolutely am not complaining about. It was rich and velvety and I had it after dinner one night rather than eat it as breakfast. And that’s my favorite part about being vegan. That blurred line between what qualifies as breakfast or dessert-either way there’s not guilt because it’s all healthy!


STRAWBERRY YOGURT: I LOVED the strawberry, too. The chunks of strawberry were so yummy and more prevalent than the blueberry one. It wasn’t really sweet, and had a slight chocolatey undertone. They do contain carob so I suspect that might be the reason why. It was quite refreshing by the pool though…as you can see…



PLAIN AND VANILLA YOGURTS: So, I have nothing negative to say about either one. Like I mentioned before, I am not a huge fan of the plain versions, only because it tastes a little “blah” when you eat them as is. I did, however, ass each of them to smoothies and the creamy quality they both produce is spectacular. And because they’re not too strong in flavor, they blend in well with whatever smoothie you’re making.

FRENCH VANILLA CREAMER: No coffee for you? No problem! This creamer was great for making vegan ice cream, and I also splashed some into smoothies as well. The vanilla flavor is truly perfect and adds an awesome touch of sweetness to smoothies, too.


PLAIN CREAMER: If you’re making a creamy pureed soup or a thick, sauce of some kind, then this creamer should be a go-to additive. I added it to a summer squash soup and a vegetable tofu curry (recipe coming soon!) and it make it super silky, without adding much almond flavor.

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  1. Danielle Perrotta says:

    I would love the yogurts to incorporate into my toddlers’ meal plans!! Fresh seasonal fruit and almond yogurt parfaits!!

  2. Nicole-Lynn says:

    I’d use the yogurt for a snack with some granola mixed in and the creamer for my coffee. Thanks for the opportunity to try it!

  3. I really love So Delicious brand. I totally love soy vanilla creamer and would like to try almond milk one too. I’m not huge fan of yogurt but as you mentioned chocolate one as a desert you won me over.

  4. I would use it to make homemade pudding! Also smoothies!

  5. I already use almond milk in my coffee, so I would love an almond creamer

  6. I would eat the yogurt with granola and use the cream in my husbands coffee.

  7. I would love the almond milk creamer for my iced coffee. It also would make a great vegan white russian I bet lol

  8. Lydia Claire says:

    I like to add Vanilla creamer for flavoring to my oatmeal, but in addition to almond milk, not in place of almond milk. That would be way too many calories!

  9. I’d eat the yogurt at breakfast mixed with some granola and fruit!

  10. OOO vegan white russians! ive never thought of that-brilliant 🙂

  11. I’m so glad I saw this post. Eating soy in the morning interferes with the absorption of a medicine that I take, and regular almond milk isn’t creamy enough for coffee for me. I would use the almond milk creamer in my coffee.

  12. I hear you! Almond milk is too thin and I am super sensitive to most soy too!

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  14. Im sure everyone reacts to it differently. For myself, I have a severe intolerance and become extremely sick if I consume it.

  15. So excited that So Delicious is offering more non-soy items in their product line!

  16. This is really exciting news – I can’t use soy creamer as a base for ice cream because I have an allergic family member, and coconut… well, I don’t think every flavor is improved by adding a strong coconut taste. The more almond-based products there are, the happier I am!

  17. Terri David says:

    I’d use the products to experiment with in baking yummy desserts.

  18. granola parfaits!

  19. i would use almond milk yogurt and almond milk creamer in smoothies.

  20. Julia Glantz says:

    Love the so delicious products! I have a yogurt everyday, use them in receipts for cooking and baking,
    and drink all the milks!! Yummy!

  21. I would use them in smoothies and in my coffee, and to make chia seed pudding. Good stuff!

  22. Lebowski’s!

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