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So, if you follow me on Instagram you will notice a trend. My posts go something like this: Vegan food porn Brunch Alcohol My niece Brunch Alcohol. The brunch always includes drinks as well, which is probably what got the attention of First Aid Shot Therapy. A vegan-friendly hangover, cure-all, much like Fire Cider which I reviewed last week. Are ya’ll trying to tell me something? Does everyone think I am in constant need of hangover cures?! Work hard, play harder is what I say-and I have been working my vegan ass off. Which means, though I love going out and enjoying myself or partaking in some post-brunch Sunday Fundaying from time to time, I have ZERO time to waste being hungover when I have lots of classes, events, blog posts to get done and clients to cook for. Which is why I feel it necessary to stock up on these miracle bottle of First Aid Shot Therapy.

I willfully had one too many drinks last weekend so I could test out the potency of these shots. First off, they taste delicious. Very thirst-quenching,, which is extremely important for your first hangover beverage. The berry flavor is super super and the citrus isn’t overwhelming. It’s got similar properties to aspirin, but from what I’ve read, not all the harmful effects that usually stop me from taking any Advil or any over the counter drug. It’s also got a nice boost of caffeine, which to me, was equivalent to an espresso shot. And these helped for sure. Within 30 minutes, my headache and overall grogginess dissipated. I wasn’t feeling like I could run a marathon, but I definitely had no problem getting up for a super early brunch. Though it didn’t cure any stomach problems I felt that morning, I would say I felt 80% better than I normally do on any given Sunday morning and it made for a MUCH more productive day. So if you like to work hard and play hard, like I do, try some First Aid Shot Therapy for yourself here!

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