So Delicious NEW Nut Milks + Yogurts Review and Giveaway

If there is one thing I know I love this Valentine’s Day…it’s So Delicious.

They never fail to keep me totally satisfied when it comes to their growing list of products I can add to my smoothies, soups and baked goods. From almond milks, to coconut yogurts, to whipped cream and ice cream. Any items I am not making myself from scratch, is probably coming from a So Delicious container. 

And this latest batch of goodies might have been the best yest.

OK, who am I kidding. The cashew ice creams will forever be my favorite, but I am absolutely impressed with these new fancy, almond, walnut and coconut milks I’ve just had the pleasure of trying. And the yogurts? The ONLY vegan yogurts thus far, that I’ve tried and actually enjoyed.

So let’s check out the latest and greatest from SD and enter to win your own below!



I have always hated the taste and texture of plant-based yogurts. Those awful-for-you Yoplait yogurts used to be my favorite in my non-vegan life. They were my go-to snack and I probably consumed two a day growing up. Little did I know, they contained more sugar than a Snickers and were obviously full of gross animal products. And I guess that’s why it’s been extra hard for me to find a yogurt I really love. Most of them are lacking flavor, have a weird, watery flavor and are full of soy and carrageenan.

But not these ones! Full of yummy strawberry banana (my all time fave), coconut and vanilla versions, they have a rich, creamy texture and have NO carrageenan or soy. Although they taste decadent, they’re really light and are a sweet on-the-go snack or healthy dessert. I added walnuts and hemp for added nutrition and it was heaven.









Their regular unsweetened yogurts are a staple of mine and are great for smoothie additives or for baking 🙂


I go through roughly a gallon of coconut or almond milk a week between my own personal use, my clients and my cooking classes. With that being said, I am always excited for new variations to share with students! SD now offers an unsweetened and sweetened almond milk, a coconut almond milk blend and the real, break-out star, almond walnut milk. I used the sweetened almond milk for overnight oats and it made them extra delicious. The coconut almond blend went into these incredible smoothie bowls (recipe coming soon). And the walnut milk. You’ll never guess…I DRANK IT STRAIGHT UP. I always admit that I HATE glasses of milk. As a kid, as a vegan, I never wanted anything to do with glasses of milk. Didn’t even like it in cereal. But this walnut version is THAT good. Rich and creamy like cashew milk, but not quite as heavy. I am so addicted to this stuff now!




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