Manipura Body and Mind Skincare Review

So, I generally think of myself as the ungirliest girl on the planet. Most days, I’m lucky if I can get around to brushing my hair or throwing on some simple mascara. I hardly own any body care products at this point, mostly because it’s hard to find really good products that are both vegan AND chemical-free, and so I keep to the absolute basics.

But I fell madly in love with the incredible, locally-made vegan, organic, reiki-infused products from Manipura Body and Mind this week, and it’s got me feeling all types of feminine!

Manipura is the love project of Amelia Childs-who also happens to be the fabulous face (and mind!) behind Broken Grounds Cafe, which is my favorite, local juice/smoothie spot. This girl CRUSHES it. A vegan herself, she is forever inspiring me. Business is booming at the cafe, because it’s so full of wonderful, high-quality options, and Manipura is no different. Childs started making these incredible homemade, aura-inducing skincare products, simply because she loves crafting them. I swear, this woman must never sleep!

Her products range from gorgeous, rose petal bath bombs to fragrant lip balms, rejuvenating eye cremes and coffee body scrubs so delicious looking, it’s hard not to to ingest some of them. I love Amelia and BGC…but I might love Manipura even more! Everything smelled absolutely heavenly, had such minimal, amazing-quality ingredients like essential oils, and really worked wonders on my skin.

I had a mini spa day at home once I got some goods, and I kicked things off by soaking in the tub with a bath bomb. It was one of the fizziest I’ve ever seen, and produced some seriously floral scents. The oils from the bomb made the water feel even better and it was one of the most relaxing baths I’ve ever had.  I also exfoliated off with some of their incredible coffee scrub. I don’t even like coffee, but the smell of this scrub was absolutely intoxicating. I honestly almost ate it. It exfoliated super well and the oils in it made my skin crazy smooth. I followed up with the silky chakra lotion bar, which is applied over damp skin, post-shower. It made my skin look insanely fresh and smooth, and not greasy or sticky. My skin was literally glowing after all this, I swear! I’ve never treated it so good 🙂

I scored some eye creme too, which I really had no idea what to do with, but it definitely made my eyes look much more bright and vibrant and helped my makeup stay on longer. I’m also totally addicted to their lip balms, which come in some really creative, fun, hippie combos like cinnamon, myrrh and patchouli; rosemary, orange and jasmine; or lemongrass, patchouli and lavender. They’re all extremely calming and is a nice break from all the fruity flavors you usually find in most balms/sticks. 

I can’t express how much I love all the Manipura products. Everything is vegan, organic and locally hand-crafted, which are all the things I look for in all the skincare items I use. Try some of out today and ABSOLUTELY make sure to check out Broken Grounds Cafe if you haven’t yet!

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