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So May means a couple of things.

It means it’s the beginning of kayak season, which is obviously my favorite. It means that most of my favorite people are celebrating a birthday (hi, Julie, Mom, TJ, Steve and Edelman!). It also means it’s wedding/baby shower/graduation/bridal shower season.

And attempting to look my best for all these said festivities (primarily for my bridesmaid dress) means May should also be somewhat of a restrictive month. At least in terms of not eating surplus amounts of French fries, pasta and breads, and trying to increase my intake of greens and lower carb dishes.

I KNOW, I KNOW. Eating plant-based you shouldn’t have to restrict yourself, right? But tons of potatoes, avocado toast, and sweet potato mac and cheese aren’t exactly the most slimming of options…unless you’re really great with portion control. And I struggle with all forms of self-control in my life, so keeping to a single serving size of tater tots or cauliflower alfredo isn’t really an option for me.

EXCEPT. That this wedding season, I’ve been using the portion control plates from Slimware.

Now, generally I’m a hater of all things that require measuring food or limiting things like salad or greens. Because what in the heck is wrong with eating a whole can of chickpeas if you want? And whole bundle of kale at once? A whole block of tempeh if you really feel like?

But the truth is, eating like that (which I have the habit of doing) means I get uncomfortably full pretty often just from eating all my favorite things. And Slimware has really helped me become WAY more conscious of how much I’m eating and what a proper portion is supposed to look like. Hell, they’ve been helping me just READ labels more and really see what carb, protein and sugar content is in single servings of foods. And I think that’s super important.

Though I wouldn’t stick to eating like this all the time, I do have to say that really looking at how much I’m eating and balancing greens, carbs and protein properly, made for more satisfying meals and helped me avoid feeling bloated or too full. I never felt like I overate, but found that I stayed satisfied much longer than usual when I measured things out. Basically, all you have to do, is match servings of veggies (1 cup), proteins (1/2 cup) and carbs (1/2 cup) to the designated shape on the plate and that was it! And I just have to say. My normal portion of pasta is DEFINITELY three times what I should probably be consuming in one sitting. Oops….

This was a plate I ate regularly last week and one I felt worked perfectly for Slimware standards. Chipotle kale salad, red lentil pasta (SO good if you haven’t tried it!) and roasted chickpeas with nutritional yeast. Very well-balanced, very wedding season appropriate 😉








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