Veggie Galaxy: New Menu!


Can we just talk about how effing amazing the new items over at Veggie Galaxy are?!

I am CONSTANTLY bringing people here. My favorite client’s assistant, who also happens to be my soulmate insists we dine at VG at least once a month. And so we’ve been binging on the regular and putting ourselves into a food coma with all their new menu items. I’ve also been coming here with a few friends who are trying to commit to a plant-based diet (though, let’s be real, Veggie Galaxy food doesn’t exactly have many vegetables in it). No one has left disappointed, ESPECIALLY with the addition of all their latest stuff.

Thus far I’ve indulged in their buffalo tenders, their buffalo chicken sandwich, their mac and cheese chicken parm sub (seriously-it’s a thing), mozzarella sticks and chicken and waffles (my first time EVER having chicken and waffles, vegan or non-vegan). Though everything is essentially fried seitan, dripping with either cashew cheese or buffalo sauce and hardly can be considered healthy, EVERYTHING has been friggin incredible. I’ve literally almost had to roll myself myself out of there on a few occasions just from being so stuffed full of carbs. I am a sucker for anything buffalo, and so I could not be more pleased with these latest culinary developments.

Thank you, Veggie Galaxy, for continuing to be SO dope.





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Lisa is the founder of The Vegan Pact and a vegan personal chef.

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  1. Loved this awesome blog post – – thank you for the kind shout-out!
    We worked a long time on our new menu and are so glad that you and your friends are enjoying it so much. Just for the record (and to keep the “Veggie” in our “Veggie Galaxy” name legit), we’d like to point out that we did add two great new salads and several dishes starring avocado to the new menu too!.
    But we know what everybody’s coming here for (talkin’ ’bout our Buffalo Chick’n Tenders, Mozzarella Sticks and Fried Pickles)!
    We are always happy to see that you’ve been in for a meal and we thank you for bringing friends to show them how easy it is to eat plant-based. We love our regulars!!

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