Up Mountain Switchel

I am all about apple cider vinegar, ginger, enzymes, ANYTHING that’s good for my digestion, these days.

I, of course, reach for kombucha on most occasions or this homemade tea, that I make often, and adore. But I’ve recently gotten into Up Mountain Switchel, more specially, their carbonated Swizzle, which is a mix of fresh ginger, maple syrup and apple cider vinegar…all the good stuff!

Unlike crappy, syrupy, fake ginger ale, this stuff tastes legit, helps with digestion and is made of only natural ingredients. Though it tastes great just on it’s own, we decided to use it for a delicious cocktail. Mix the original switchel with vodka, some fruit kombucha and fresh lime and you got yourself a super fizzy, insanely tasty and (mostly) Moscow Mule 🙂 It might have been one of the few times I felt like my body wasn’t mad at me for consuming alcohol!

Up Mountain also has yerba mate, cayenne and lemon variations of their original switchels, which sound equally yummy, and equally healthy!

For my Boston readers, you can find them in lots of local stores-for my Boulder people, you’ll have to order yours online!



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