Rustic Donuts Review

If there’s one thing I’m always searching for, it’s a solid vegan donut.

And sadly, Boulder is home to hardly any!

Why Boulder? Whyyyyyyy!

So thank goodness I found Rustic Donut. Though she isn’t Boulder-based, she’s available at both Flatirons Coffee and Alpine Modern, which are both walking distance for me 🙂

And I’m gonna have to do a lot of walking to work off all the extra caloric intake from inhaling these delicious, decadent plant-based donuts. 

Luckily, Rustic Donuts are baked not fried, and are without preservatives, artificial flavors, soy OR palm oil and some are gluten-free. So you get all the flavor, without any of the junk and can consume without (much) guilt. Which is great for me, since we all know I have zero self-control when it comes to a good donut.

They offer a variety of stellar choices, from traditional vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, to chocolate on chocolate, to maple salted walnut and a chocolate coconut. I’ve also had the pleasure of trying their seasonal cookies n’ cream and pumpkin spice, though I am SO looking forward to trying their fan-favorite lemonade stand come late spring! They all are super tasty, without being overly sweet, and can 100% be eaten as breakfast, where most other fried, topping-heavy donuts I’ve had, can only be classified as a dessert.

Though the cookies n’ cream my favorite, I was equally as fond of the maple salted version and the chocolate coconut, too. The others are a little on the simpler side, but actually made for a great hiking snack on more than one occasion, because they’re extremely filling, but not sugar-dense! I even made them seem a little extra healthy and paired one with a smoothie bowl.

Because balance 😉

Check out where else you can get Rustic in other Colorado neighborhoods, and be on the lookout for ship-to-your-door options possibly coming soon!













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