Coconut Coffee Scrub

There’s a whole lotta things I love about Boulder. And composting is at the top of the list, right about now. I’d composted at home YEARS ago, when I was growing an abundant garden every season and actually had a solid purpose for the compost. In recent years, sans garden, I’d stopped doing it and […]

Manipura Body and Mind Skincare Review

So, I generally think of myself as the ungirliest girl on the planet. Most days, I’m lucky if I can get around to brushing my hair or throwing on some simple mascara. I hardly own any body care products at this point, mostly because it’s hard to find really good products that are both vegan […]

North Coast Organics Deodorant Giveaway!

You know how some people generally dub vegans as “dirty hippies”? Sadly, I think I have become one-mostly because I do not use any fragranced, toxic body care products and well…sometimes that au natural smell is not so enticing. Thankfully, I’ve made some great body products out of baking sodas, vinegars and essential oils and […]

Coconut Rose Exfoliating Scrub

So I might have blamed my lack of recipe posts on yoga, work, the holidays and our move-and that’s MOSTLY true. Part of my lacking in kitchen creativity can be blamed on my ever increasing obsession with crafting. Damn you, Pinterest. I’ve been flocking to craft stores and spending more of my paycheck at AC […]

Homemade Bug Spray Recipe

The ONLY bad thing about spending so much time outdoors, hiking, swimming and enjoying some beers at dusk is the damn bugs. Mosquitos, flies, spiders-name it, and I got bit by it this past vacation week. Hug, swollen bumps and scratching myself all day long is not a good look. I REFUSE to douse myself […]

Avocado Moisturizing Mask

We haven’t done any new homemade body care products in awhile, so when Jim asked me if I wanted to whip together this face mask, I was definitively up for it! It’s really easy to make and it almost instantly gives your skin a great after glow. We’d been out in the sun the whole day, and […]