Restaurant Spotlight: The Gold Leaf Collective

Visiting somewhere new or traveling, for me, has always been completely centered around food. Some of the places I’ve visited in the past year or two, I primarily chose JUST for the vegan scene. Like San Francisco, Asheville and as always, San Diego. Vegas is always an interesting vegan scene, and even Tampa. I originally chose to visit Boulder […]

San Diego Eats

I don’t even know what San Diego installment this is. I’ve been SO many times now, and the vegan options just seem to get better and better. This particular trip, I hit a lot of old favorites that I can never resist, with a couple of newbies thrown in. As usual, it continues to be […]

Best One Yet Ice Cream

Because it’s legit, one of the best ever. Making new plant-based friends in Boulder is always my favorite. It isn’t the MOST vegan-friendly city in the country, and so I’m always super excited to try local, small business owners who are cranking out delicious dairy-free food and treats.  And Best One Yet is probably the sweetest […]

What I Ate This Week

Clearly, I’ve been on the move as of late. I went directly from San Francisco to New Mexico, to which I have MORE travel eats from that trip. Get used to it, as I’ll be making my rounds to California for my usual yearly food porn 😉 In the meantime, I’ve still be exploring lots […]

San Francisco Eats: Part Two

OK-now onto part two! Equally as mouthwatering as part one, I promise… Vegan Picnic I was in search of getting my hands on an Impossible Burger, because I’ve been dying to try it and there are ample places to get it in SF. Things that are not so ample in SF? Parking. So even though […]

San Francisco Eats: Part One

San Francisco has been on my list of places to visit for a LONG time. I’m so in love with SoCal, I figured NorCal would be equally as amazing. The verdict though? Here’s some things I learned while traveling to the bay area: San Fran is home to some of the MOST incredible vegan food […]