Sausage Minestrone Soup


I haven’t quite figured out when soup season is here in Boulder. Generally, in Boston, it’s like, November through April. But Boulder? Snow one day, 70 and sunny the next. There never seems to be a cold enough stretch of weather, to where soup or stews all week is seasonal and acceptable. But with an […]

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Alternative Vegan Cookbook Review + Chickpea Kale Pesto Pizza


Clearly, I’m backed up on cookbook review. Which is a shame because all of them would have been a stellar gift fror anyone in your life for the holidays! There’s always birthdays though, right? Alternative Vegan was SLIGHTLY misleading to me at first. At initial glance, I assumed it was unique or creative dishes of […]

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The Veginner’s Cookbook Review + English Muffin Recipe


You’re probably going to skip reading this review all together and just go straight for the English muffin recipe, aren’t you? I can’t say I’d totally blame you if you did. Because these ones from The Veginner’s Cookbook are SO good and I will never buy a store bought one again! This cookbook itself though, […]

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Sun Milk Product Review


At this point in my life, I can’t imagine I will EVER buy store-bought non-dairy milk again. Because making it at home is seriously sooooo much better, and it’s usually just soaked nuts and water. None of the fillers, preservatives, gums or weird ingredients that even the best-quality, organic variations Whole Foods still contain. Cashew, […]

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Real Food, Really Fast Review + Tofu Shakshuka Recipe


Of all the cookbooks I got over holiday break, Real Food, Really Fast MIGHT be my favorite. This beautifully photographed recipe collection has some incredibly impressive, and complex looking dishes, that actually only ten minutes to put together.  TEN! And I know a lot of cookbooks claim that. Super easy and fast recipes, that never […]

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Restaurant Spotlight: The Gold Leaf Collective


Visiting somewhere new or traveling, for me, has always been completely centered around food. Some of the places I’ve visited in the past year or two, I primarily chose JUST for the vegan scene. Like San Francisco, Asheville and as always, San Diego. Vegas is always an interesting vegan scene, and even Tampa. I originally chose to visit Boulder […]

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