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Personal Chef Services

Working with The Vegan Pact could change your life if you are:

  • Looking to transition into a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and aren’t sure where to start
  • Needing to change your diet based on medical needs, allergies or dietary restrictions
  • Wanting to eat a plant-based diet, but want someone else to do all the food shopping, cooking and meal prep
  • Trying to feed you family healthier, plant-based meals, but don’t know how to cook
  • Looking to have fun with your friends or loved ones, while learning to cook delicious, vegan food!

Plant-based eating isn’t just about granola and tofu. Lisa, of The Vegan Pact is passionate about creating delicious and nutritious organic, vegan meals that individuals and families will love. From pizzas, to green smoothies, healthy desserts, to quinoa salads, The Vegan Pact will help transform your life through your diet.



We create meal plans based on your personal preferences, dietary restrictions and food goals. I do all the food shopping, come to your home, prepare as many meals as you would like for the week (breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts), come cook everything for you and clean up…all you have to do is eat and enjoy!


$55 per hour

Client also reimburses for ingredient cost based on meals and $25 travel/shopping fee


If you are interested in learning about how to cook vegan, how to substitute certain animal products, have specific medical issues you are trying to fix with your diet or are just passionate about exploring new ways to make vegetables taste good, then my in-home, cooking lessons are a great option. Booking on a weekly, or bi-monthly basis, we create meals specifically catered to your dietary goals, so that you can become a great vegan chef! We choose meals every session, I do all the food shopping, and then we prepare a few day’s worth of vegan meals in your home. The more you book, the more you save!


$55 per hour, for 2 sessions or less-client also reimburses for ingredient cost and travel fee

$50 per hour, for 3-4 sessions, client also reimburses for ingredient cost and travel fee

$45 per hour, for 4 or more sessions, client also reimburses for ingredient cost and travel fee

*Client pays up front for sessions booked, then pays additional costs after each session for ingredients and a $25 travel/shopping fee per session.


Because the only thing more fun than learning to cook healthy, is learning to cook with your friends and family! Group parties make for a fun ladies’ night, where you and your friends choose all the meals, and learn to cook (and eat!) delicious, healthy food. We’ll make enough for everyone to have lots of leftovers to enjoy with their families for the week. Parties are specifically structured based on all participant’s dietary goals, needs and/or allergies. Larger groups generally produce four to five large entrees in a two to three hour session.


$50 an hour, plus $15 per person-group also covers ingredients cost and $25 fee for travel and shopping time

Though all classes are catered to your specific needs, here are some examples of class themes and common dishes prepared, which can also be prepared for in-home meal services as well.

COMFORT FOODS GONE HEALTHY: Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all the unhealthy junk foods you grew up enjoying. Things like nachos, pizza, stuffed potato skins and mac and cheese can all be made plant-based-and good for you! Here, we focus on common meat and cheese substitutions.

THE WEEKNIGHT VEGAN: For those of us who say we never have time to cook healthy! Proper meal planning, bulk cooking, freezer meals and simple one-pot dishes are the focal point in this session. Shepard’s pie, stuffed pepper, veggie paella and hearty minestrone are all options here.

COOKING WITH KALE: Kale is notorious for being a nutritional powerhouse…except most people don’t like it OR just haven’t cooked it correctly. From kale smoothies, to kale chips, kale stew and kale salads, this course might be the healthiest yet!

VEGAN IN A DAY: What do vegans eat at every meal? Starting with breakfast options and working through lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert, we’ll cover how to get all the plant-based nutrition you need in a day and what to eat at every meal. Overnight oats, smoothie bowls, creamy chickpea salad, lasagna and cheesecake are a great basis for this session.


So what are you waiting for? Contact me today to book your own vegan cooking lessons. Change your diet and you can change your life!

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