What are clients saying about The Vegan Pact?

“My husband David and I have taken 4 Vegan classes with Lisa as part of Minuteman Community Ed. We first became vegetarian 7 months ago for medical reasons but ever since taking Lisa’s classes, we’re learning that Vegan cooking can be absolutely delicious plus an exciting adventure. We’ve completely changed how we cook and eat by adding many new dishes, spices and variations to our home and diet. Just last week, using Lisa’s recipes, we made a fascinating meal for my non-vegetarian octogenarian parents of Kale/Romaine Caesar Salad with Crispy Chick Peas & Tofu Croutons along with a Veggie & Lentil Shepard’s Pie. Not only did they “oo and awe” over the meal but they were surprised to find that eating Vegan didn’t mean you had to sacrifice texture and/or flavor.

Lisa makes her classes socially fun, delightfully easy and mouthwatering appetizing. She guides eight to ten strangers around piles of vegetables and other ingredients placed at our individual cutting boards with instructional handouts that not only teach the Vegan lifestyle but include the 6-8 detailed recipes we will be making and eating that evening. In her own delightful way, Lisa manages to get us all working together and we end up producing a wonderful array of delicious and healthy foods.”


“My terrific (non-vegan) husband bought me 2 cooking sessions with Lisa as a birthday present last year.   I’ve changed my diet over the past year and while I’m a passionate cook and have searched recipes anywhere and everywhere – with some hits and misses, it never occurred to me that someone would offer the service that Lisa does.  It’s been a tremendous experience for me and I’ve learned so much from Lisa.  I urge and encourage anyone who cooks or doesn’t cook to sign up for a in-home cooking session or a series of sessions – it’s a blast!! Lisa does all the “heavy lifting”:  she buys the groceries, provides any kitchen utensils and equipment you lack and generally goes out of her way to make sure that you have high quality results.  She’s a fabulous chef.  Her knife technique is far far superior to mine, it’s a blast to watch her work and work alongside her.  I learned a lot about food in general, Lisa is generous in sharing what she’s learned about ingredients and offers suggestions to improve any meal you cook in the future.  I now know another like minded person who is thriving on a plant based diet who has a deep knowledge and experience she will gladly share. Her recipes are fantastic!  I’ve made a few on my own after reading her blog (please join and follow her on Twitter and Instagram if you aren’t already), but it’s nothing like the experience of talking food, recipes, how she developed the recipes you are making.  Lisa makes it a terrific and fun experience – I can’t rave enough about her and what a difference she’s made in my cooking!”

-Beth, Marlborough, after two cooking in-home cooking sessions

“Michael and I just finished eating some of your totally delicious salads. I knew they would taste great, but Michael was pleasantly surprised. Besides the rich taste, I really like the fine chopping you do. We can’t wait for your next delivery!  Thanks to you, we’re well on our way to good health.”

-Karen & Michael, Newton (on their first week of delivery)

“When we met Lisa Kelly, we were in desperate need for some dietary change in our life.  In addition to a very busy and hectic work schedule, my husband was diagnosed with a heart condition and was remanded to a low sodium, low fat diet.  Our nights of convenient take-out had sadly come to an end.

When we hired Lisa we started with 3 meals a week and then quickly went to 4.  Her food has not only been delicious, but filling and nutritious.  Additional value lies in her portions.  She provides enough for leftovers which is so incredibly helpful.  It’s a great feeling to know there is always quality food in the fridge for lunch and dinner.

Besides being friendly and professional, I am inspired by Lisa’s creativity.  We had wondered in the beginning if we would get bored (I mean truly, how much can you really do with veggies and beans?), but it’s been 3 months now and we are still super excited on delivery day to see what we are having next.  Besides vegan spaghetti and meatballs, I don’t think we’ve had the same meal twice.  And did I mention the food is delicious?

At my husband’s last check up, we were happy to find out that his weight and cholesterol levels are down and his doctor was amazed by his progress in such a short time.  When asked what we were doing, we simple said, “A plant based diet!”.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa Kelly to anyone who has a food challenge.”

-Alicia & Richard, Marlborough

“I enjoyed Lisa’s vegan and raw meals very much. There was always plenty of food for the week, she never missed a delivery, and she was very flexible and happy to meet my dietary needs. Although I had my favorites (the raw lasagna is incredible), I was never disappointed when I let Lisa decide what to bring. Each dish was balanced and had a surprising element or two which put it over the top. “

-Karen & children, Concord (after 10 months of meals)

“I am sitting at my desk, eating delicious mouthfuls of lentil shepherds pie with a big smile on my face.  I just checked in with Todd, he loved it too.  Last night we had the quinoa cranberry walnut salad which was wonderful as well.  And the Mexican lasagna was my husband’s favorite, just spicy enough, so rich, so yummy!!!

THANK YOU for your amazing talent, we are happy customers!!!”

Kim, Lincoln (on her first delivery)