Leap Smoothies


I can’t even pretend to contain my excitement over Leap Smoothies! I’m losing it. I am actually addicted to these insanely delicious, super nutrient-dense smoothie additive that have been giving my breakfast bowls the most INSANE colors as of late. 

These prepacked powders are all raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free and packed full of some of the healthiest super foods on the planet. They come in three different variations; Red Power, Green Revive and Blue Zeal, all containing various forms of nutrition. They’r all equally delicious, and don’t have that gritty, chalky feel like most other smoothie powders I’ve tried. Their bright hues made for aesthetically pleasing bowls, that tasted even better knowing how beneficial they are to my health. I am obviously something of a smoothie bowl expert, but no bowl I’ve ever made OR had has contained as much healthy ingredients as Leap’s creations. They’re loaded with things like goji berries, beet juice, kale, maitake, chlorella, lucuma and pumpkin seeds, in addition to your standard apples, bananas, mangoes, raspberries, pomegranates and coconut. 

For most of the smoothie bowls I added these to, I based my ingredients off of the color of the particular powder I was using. They are tasted ridiculously amazing, and I’m giving all the credit to Leap! Check out each individual concoction below and make SURE to get some for yourself! You can get a FREE sample pack to stat yourself off here.

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The most stunning color might have been produced by the Red Power. Almost all my smoothie bowls are some version of green, so this vibrant pink hue was especially spectacular for me. It was the sweetest of the bunch and was a welcome deviance from my day-to-day bowls. I added some Kite Hill almond yogurt, frozen bananas, an avocado and some frozen strawberries into this mix and it was crazy good. It tasted more like strawberry ice cream than anything else!






The green revive shade most closely resembled the colors of my routine smoothie bowls, but of course, tasted a million times better than my every day one. The addition of chlorella and maitake intrigued me, since they’re crazy healthy for you, but generally not the most tasteful. There was no earthiness or overly “greenness” to be detected though, even with the addition of kale, avocado, banana and coconut oil on my end. This one was definitely the most nutrient-dense of the squad!





The blue zeal was an absolutely gorgeous hue as well, and made for a great base for a spin on a PB and J bowl. I really loved the addition of lucuma, since that is one smoothie additive I’ve NEVER bought before. I added more blueberries, banana and avocado to the base and really loaded up on the toppings, with cranberries, banana, cashews, coconut and almond butter. OH. EM. GEE. It was so freaking good, I couldn’t even handle it!





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