The Synergy Company Supplements

Wow guys, look at me go! This is likely the most I have blogs in YEARS. As in, I’ve posted more product reviews and recipes in the last 30 days, then I probably had in the last year or so. And I love it! I almost forgot how much I love writing, and more specifically, how much I love writing about food 🙂

In this last month of not working for the first time in my life, I’ve also found myself having tons of time to hike, do yoga, meditate and focus on other aspects of my health. Like making homemade body care products, brewing kombucha and reconsidering supplements I take every day.

And today, my focus is on supplements like the turmeric and ginger capsules from The Synergy Company because I love them and almost instantly feel the effects of each of these nutrient-dense pills. 


Normally, I am only adamant amount taking a dissolvable B-12, holy basil and digestive enzymes everyday. Probiotics too, if I don’t have any kombucha on hand. And though I’ve been feeling good, I know that I could be feeling better, both digestively in terms of inflammation, especially after long, grueling hikes or eating too much junk at my favorite vegan spots in Denver. And these turmeric and ginger supplements have been a much appreciated addition to my daily regime!

I generally avoid taking any prescriptions or even over the counter pills or even Advil and Tylenol unless I’m absolutely desperate. So when it comes to things like minor headaches, or aches and pains from hiking or yoga, I always reach for turmeric. Because turmeric is the trendiest herb in the health game right, isn’t it? But it actually works! I use it for relief after my legs and feet are super sore from a long day of trekking through Boulder and it doesn’t take very long for me to start feeling better. Turmeric is also great for immune support and liver detoxification which is also prime for me right now, considering all the great breweries here and the ever-fluctuating weather, which usually makes me sick. My ONLY grip with these, as opposed to some other supplements or the ones I make from home, is that they don’t also include black pepper. Which, if you listen to what they say about turmeric, it’s more potent and activated when mixed with a little bit of black pepper.


When I first started drinking more kombucha, taking digestive enzymes and trying fix my own stomach issues, I was also consuming massive amounts of chewable ginger tabs. Which were super helpful and actually did combat things like bloating and gas, but left me with a ginger taste in my mouth almost all day. These ginger supplements from Synergy provide the same relief after the most filling of meals and keep gross digestive feelings at bay. And don’t leave that potent ginger taste lingering all day! They also work on hangover days in addition to the turmeric pills to help with nausea. 


Synergy has LOTS of other amazing organic supplements, great vegetable and superfood powders and a long line of vitamins. They’re all composed of superior quality ingredients, are vegan, gluten free and void of any “natural” flavors or fillers. And bonus…they’re all offered at incredible prices! 


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