West Coast Cooking

I swear I didn’t die, you guys.

Though over a month without a post would make it seem that way. I hope you were watching all my food porn over on Facebook and Instagram during my month long trek through Laguna Beach, San Diego, LA, Vegas and Colorado. It was an absolutely incredible month filled with great friends, great hikes, some REALLY great cooking on my part and of course all the jaw-dropping spots I dined along the West coast.

I saw dozens upon dozens of close friends in California, Vegas and Colorado, I spent as much time outdoors as I did in the kitchen, bonded more closely to a client’s family than I ever could have imagined and even partied with a semi-famous actor. I still can’t believe a lot of it happened, to tell you the truth. And the FOOD. My god, I had some of the BEST vegan food I have ever, ever had! Which is great timing because my six year vegetarian anniversary happened to fall during this trip and I was extra grateful to be eating such amazing food in so many awesome places. And let me be the first one to say….plant-based food has come a longgggg way from where it was six years ago!

I’ll be posting separate blogs from each of my food photo diary-one for California, one for Vegas and one for Colorado. In the meantime, check out some of the deliciousness I whipped up during my two weeks cooking for my favorite client in Laguna Beach!


We had some variation of avocado toast every day. Usually my typical version with Kite Hill cream cheese, avocado, nut yeast, salt, pepper and chili flakes. And my favorite part of LB? Their surplus of extra-alcohol GT’s kombucha. So many amazing flavors, too!



Smoothie bowls and homemade granola was also a morning ritual 🙂



These apple cinnamon pancakes with MORE Kite Hill, might have been the breakfast highlight of the whole trip.


Midday appetizer snacks!


Pot pies and Thai kale salad


Roasted carrots and parsnips for Christmas dinner


Loaded veggie lasagnas with Chao cheese


Vegan pizza party!


NYE taco party!


Roasted vegetable and tofu miso bowls


Garlic, kale and tomato pasta


Raw vegan salted caramel pie!




Taza Hot Chocolate + Winter Update


Just a quick little update for you guys! I’m off for ANOTHER month, traveling, cooking, eating all the vegan food and seeing all my favorite people around the country, out on the West coast. I’ll be in Laguna Beach, spending the holidays cooking for clients and making you all jealous that I’m on the beach […]

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Humble Deodorant Review + Giveaway


Sometimes, less is more. I’m finding that now, more than ever, that simple is better. Recipes that have minimal ingredients are becoming the most satisfying. Kind of a quality over quantity type of thing. And of all the products I’ve tried recently, the five ingredient deodorants from Humble, really hold true to the simplicity rule, […]

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Sari Foods Nutritional Yeast


Here it is. The post I’ve been waiting for! I am a nutritional yeast fanatic. Some girls talk about shoes, designer bags and diamond rings. And then there’s me. Forever talking about the amazingness that is nutritional yeast.  It’s honestly my vegan lifeline. It’s the base for most of my sauces and dressings. Avocado toast […]

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Pumpkin Pie Granola


I SWEAR, lots of amazing product reviews are in the works. Thanksgiving meal prep for all my clients has made for a crazy couple of weeks. I don’t even want to LOOK at stuffing or mashed potatoes for another year! I hope you has a WONDERFUL turkey-free holiday 🙂 I am so grateful for all […]

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Sacha Inchi Superfood


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for the dozens of health-orientated companies that send me vegan products to review throughout the year. Everyone loves free stuff, but I love it even more when the items are vegan, organic and environmentally-friendly. And these incredible Sacha Inchi super-seeds from Imlak’esh Organics might be one […]

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