Whole Foods Recap

Just wanted to share some of the pictures from my amazing experience at the Whole Foods in Medford last week. It was such a great environment to teach, and I loved seeing people stop and listen once they realized what was going on. The space is out in the open, right near the exit of the store, so anyone was welcome to take a minute and check out the lecture/demo.

I made my chickpea salad sandwiches, raw strawberry cheesecake and failed at making almond butter banana ice cream. They didn’t have the tamper that goes with the Vitamix I used, so instead, we tried using a rubber spatula. Bad move. That spatula was quickly mutilated. If anything though, it showcased the awesome power of the almighty Vitamix. I’ve gotten LOTS of emails from attendees about how much they loveddddd the cheesecake though. That really has become the most well-received dish I make

Overall, it was incredible and I am really hoping to do more classes at other local Whole Foods!

I wish the pictures were bigger, but hopefully you get the idea :) And yes, they made me wear a hat. And I look awful in hats.

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Beyond Meat Beef Crumbles


Am I the last vegan blogger in existence to discover Beyond Meat’s Beef Crumbles? Well…am I? I sincerely hope not. But I find it hard to believe that there’s anyone else who hasn’t jumped aboard the faux beef from everyone’s favorite plant-based “meat” company. I have openly admitted my love for Beyond Meat for years […]

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Kale & Dijon Tofu with Tomato Vinaigrette


What is my deal with kale and tofu? What is my deal with tofu in GENERAL these days? I’m thinking it has to do with the fact that all I’m eating these days are cold dishes or salads. I actually prefer cold tofu over warm, and aside from how little I like to eat it […]

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“Chipotle” Sofritas Burrito Bowl


Whenever I’m not cooking meals for myself, chances are, I’m ordering from Chipotle. The day they released their non-GMO, organic tofu sofriats option was honestly one of the best days of my life. Not once, but TWICE, this week I’ve already had friends pick me up the sofritas burrito bowls from my fave Mexican spot […]

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Carrot Cake Overnight Oats


I have been having the most trouble getting a good breakfast in these days. Most mornings now, I get up early to walk or run so I beat the super humid hours later in the day. This usually means by the time I get back it’s about 9, and that give me just enough time […]

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So Delicious Ice Cream Review & Giveaway!


I will NEVER bitch about the heat. I cannot stand the winter and love everything about the summer. Sure, the heat and humidity makes things a little uncomfortable from time to time, but I would never openly complain about the sweltering weather. That being said…So Delicious definitely makes these insanely humid days ALOT more bearable. […]

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