Copper Cup Turmeric Lattes

Who doesn’t love a good turmeric latte?

I, for one, try to make them at home as often as possible now. But hey, even I get lazy sometimes. Especially like the past few days, when I’ve gone on long, strenuous and freezing hikes and wanted to instantly warm up when I got back. Luckily, I’ve been testing out Copper Cup turmeric lattes and they make it ridiculously easy to enjoy a delicious, nutrient-dense latte in minutes.

These cute little packets are loaded with almost completely organic ingredients, like turmeric, coconut milk powder, vanilla powder, coconut sugar, pink salt and ginger powder. And let’s not forget the black pepper! Most store-bought or cafe-purchased golden milks don’t add the all-important black pepper, which is essential for optimal turmeric absorption. In addition to being so totally healthy, Copper Cup tastes even better than most I’ve ever tried-even my homemade ones! I did add a little cinnamon for extra flavor, but other than that, the lattes were creamy, flavorful and warming. They’re also a cinch to make-simply just boil 12 ounces of your favorite nut milk and then stirring in one Copper Cup packet.

I can’t recommend these enough-and they’ve got a sweet deal going on, where you can get two packets fir just $2.99. What are you waiting for? Order yours here, now!







Qrunch Organics Burgers


Everyone is constantly asking me about my favorite veggie burgers. And people are usually shocked to find out that I almost never make them at home or buy store bought ones (other than Beyond Meat ones, of course). If you’re vegan, you know the disappointment many veggie burgers can bring. Like when you go to a […]

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Coconut Coffee Scrub


There’s a whole lotta things I love about Boulder. And composting is at the top of the list, right about now. I’d composted at home YEARS ago, when I was growing an abundant garden every season and actually had a solid purpose for the compost. In recent years, sans garden, I’d stopped doing it and […]

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Thai Carrot Butternut Squash Soup


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What I Ate This Week


Clearly, I’ve been on the move as of late. I went directly from San Francisco to New Mexico, to which I have MORE travel eats from that trip. Get used to it, as I’ll be making my rounds to California for my usual yearly food porn 😉 In the meantime, I’ve still be exploring lots […]

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San Francisco Eats: Part Two


OK-now onto part two! Equally as mouthwatering as part one, I promise… Vegan Picnic I was in search of getting my hands on an Impossible Burger, because I’ve been dying to try it and there are ample places to get it in SF. Things that are not so ample in SF? Parking. So even though […]

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