Blaze Pizza


You’re cold, you’re rainy and you’ve got NO mountains.

I am trying really hard to adjust to being back home. But it’s not easy. I miss my friends, all the outdoor activities and the sun. And as excited as I am to get back in my own kitchen, see all my wonderful clients and get back into a teaching routine, the thought of even going food shopping and coming up with new recipes is fairly daunting. I’m gonna blame it on the time change, the crappy weather or just my overall exhaustion from all the hiking, but I could use another few days of just getting take out or catching up with friends at restaurants, rather than assembling my own meals.

So you can imagine how happy I was to get invited to the grand opening of Blaze Pizza in Fenway and enjoy some free VEGAN pizza. Because the only thing better than having someone else make your food, is when it doesn’t cost you anything!

The Boylston Street spot is a crazy busy, but lucrative spot for this delicious wood-fired pizza joint, that prides itself on blazing their pies to perfection for just 180 seconds. Their artisan pizzas are adorned with fresh ingredients, an assortment of sauces, pizza crusts and cheese, all of which include Daiya vegan cheese, a gluten-free dough and tons and tons of veggies. They’ve also got really stellar salad options in addition to their personalized pies, which I was pleasantly surprised to see. 

Though I am generally not a huge fan of Daiya, this pizza was exceptionally tasty. I LOVED the consistency of the crust, being both perfectly charred, but soft and chewy as well. So maybe that 3 minute blaze helped make the Daiya taste all that much better! I enjoyed mine with artichokes, spinach, roasted red bell pepper and-the best part-WHOLE CLOVES OF MARINATED GARLIC. So, so, so good! 

The place was absolutely slammed all day, and I can forsee it being the same way even when people are actually having to pay for their pizzas. Most of their personal sized pizzas will only run you about $8, which I think is an absolute steal considering the pricey area Blaze is located and for the sheer deliciousness of their menu. 

There’s plenty of Blaze locations all of the place, with more coming to the Boston area, so you have no reason not to check it out! Stop in for your gluten-free, vegan pizza and tell them The Vegan Pact sent you 🙂







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