Lightlife Foods Buffalo Chicken and Nacho Hot Dogs

As a vegan, people always ask me about my LEAST favorite non-vegan foods.

Though, tuna, veal and roast beef are the top three offenders in my eyes, hot dogs are a close fourth place. I don’t even remember liking them as a kid or when I was into fast food. I’ve had a few vegan sausages over the past few years, but NEVER had a straight up vegan hot dog.

Until now. 

And these loaded variations featuring Lightlife’s classic hot dogs, are seriously so ideal for the summer.

I picked up some of their products after the folks over at Lightlife were kind enough to send me a loaded grilling set with organic mustard, ketchup, grilling utensils, cooler AND a mini charcoal grill. Which I was super stoked about/semi scared, since I’d never used a charcoal grill before. It’s really cute, easy to use, perfect for camping, and stores easily into the cooler bag.

The hot dogs themselves look legit, and you couldn’t tell them apart from any other gross, hot dogs at any supermarket. The skin bubbled and broiled perfectly, and I’d be willing to bet that if I gave them to any carnivore, they never would have known the difference. 

I made TWO epic toppings for these dogs, and can’t decide which one I love more. So I’d advise you to check out the photos, grab some Lightlife products yourself and get grillin!






For this version, I also scooped up some of Lightlife’s Mexican meat crumbles, which cook easily on the skillet in five minutes, and again, would fool any meat eater. They’re got the perfect flavor and texture and I can’t wait to use the leftovers for tacos later this week.

I also added some black beans, scallions, crushed lime tortilla chips and chipotle garlic cashew dressing and it was SO on point. 





OK. We all know I LOVE anything buffalo, so I’m inclined to say I liked this variation better. I’ve been making buffalo jackfruit a lot lately, and piled some of that onto the dog. I also threw on some shredded carrot, scallions, celery and garlic cashew sauce and BAM. Total bliss. I think the buffalo flavors paired a little better with the flavor of the hot dog on this combo and it make my mouth really happy.



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