Banana Cream Pie

Why is it that the recipes with the best intentions, the ones I try to make as a gift or to try and be cute, ARE ALWAYS THE BIGGEST PAINS IN THE ASS?! Going into this culinary endeavor, I figured “OK, cookie crust, some bananas, some coconut cream. No problem”. Steve loves bananas and has […]

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and mash has got to be the WORST name for a meal ever, am I right? It just sounds like a bad mix of gross, sexual innuendos, that certainly doesn’t make me think of a delicious dinner, and almost makes me lose my appetite all together. But for this hearty, warming, and super tasty […]

Carrot, Cauliflower and Walnut Bolognese

For someone who isn’t super enthusiatic about tomato sauces, I am completely in love with this hearty, veggie-dense bolognese. In the past, I’ve usually just added crumbled tempeh or chopped up soy curls into bolognese, and although the texture is on point, it isn’t super flavorful. NOT WITH THIS THOUGH. The chopped carrot, walnut and […]

Strawberry Beet Avocado Smoothie Bowl

Is this not the prettiest breakfast you’ve ever seen?! After months of oatmeal and avocado toasts, I am suddenly gravitating back towards smoothies and smoothie bowls. But trying to get a little creative, rather than just sticking to basic green smoothies all the time. Smoothie bowls are really my preference, because I love decorating them […]

Rustic Donuts Review

If there’s one thing I’m always searching for, it’s a solid vegan donut. And sadly, Boulder is home to hardly any! Why Boulder? Whyyyyyyy! So thank goodness I found Rustic Donut. Though she isn’t Boulder-based, she’s available at both Flatirons Coffee and Alpine Modern, which are both walking distance for me 🙂 And I’m gonna […]

Sausage Minestrone Soup

I haven’t quite figured out when soup season is here in Boulder. Generally, in Boston, it’s like, November through April. But Boulder? Snow one day, 70 and sunny the next. There never seems to be a cold enough stretch of weather, to where soup or stews all week is seasonal and acceptable. But with an […]