About the Author

Lisa is the founder of The Vegan Pact and a vegan personal chef.

City O’ City Spotlight

I am slowly, but surely, adjusting to life here in Boulder. My car FINALLY arrived this morning, and along with it, all my spices, cooking essentials and of course, my Vitamix. I am so happy to have the kitchen set up and somewhat veganized, and have cooked a few things for Steve already, like sweet […]

North Carolina Eats

So in my transition to Boulder living, I wanted to make a stop in Asheville, North Carolina, since everyone I know who’s been there, said I would absolutely ADORE it. And they were so right. It’s honestly kind of like a mini-Boulder. Lots of incredible breweries, tons of amazing hiking and outdoor activities, SUPER sweet […]

Loving Earth Chocolate

Strange to admit, but throughout my life I have NOT been a huge fan of chocolate. Weird, right? It wasn’t until I hit 30, that I all the sudden became OBSESSED with chocolate. Taste buds changing? Maybe. Late sweet tooth development? Potentially. Hormones? Most likely. I’m a big fan of sea salt and almond dark […]

The Vegan Pact Goes Cross Country

Yep. You read that right. You’ve obviously continued to hear crickets on this blog, but if you follow me on social media, you might have noticed I’ve had the busiest summer ever.  But hasn’t “overly busy” been the theme of my life for the past four years? I used to LOVE what I do. I […]

Lightlife Foods Buffalo Chicken and Nacho Hot Dogs

As a vegan, people always ask me about my LEAST favorite non-vegan foods. Though, tuna, veal and roast beef are the top three offenders in my eyes, hot dogs are a close fourth place. I don’t even remember liking them as a kid or when I was into fast food. I’ve had a few vegan […]

Buffalo Chicken (Semi) Stuffed Crust Pizza

Though I’m not big on using processed, store bought, fake meats and cheeses on a day-to-day basis, I am allllll about using them for quick meals to make on vacation.  And legit. This buffalo chicken stuffed crust pizza is likely the BEST vegan pizza I’ve ever had. Steve was here last week for vacation, and […]