Penne, Asparagus, Tomatoes & Arugula in a Lemon Garlic Sauce

Yes, it seems like we’ve being using lots of arugula these days, but we hate being wasteful so using up whatever veggies we can before they spoil is a must!  


1 bag organic penne, cooked

1 bunch asparagus with the ends cut off, and cut into 2 to 3 inch pieces

1 tomato, chopped

1 1/2 cups fresh arugula

1/2 cup Paremsan cheese

2 tbsp olive oil


2 tbsp olive oil

4 gloves garlic, minced

1 cayenne pepper, minced

2 lemons, juiced

1 1/2 cups raw OR almond milk (we prefer almond, but for thicker consistency raw may work better for you)

Salt & pepper to taste

  • In a saucepan over medium heat, cook asparagus in olive oil for 4-6 minutes, or until tender
  • Once it’s done, combine asparagus, tomato, arugula and Parmesan cheese in a large bowl with the pasta and mix well
  • For the sauce, heat olive oil, lemon juice and cayenne over medium heat for approxiamtely 3 minutes.  Add garlic and cook for an additional minute
  • Then, add the milk and continue to cook on medium heat for around 10 minutes or until mixture has thickened (this may not happen with the almond milk so remove from heat after 10 minutes)
  • Remove from heat and add to pasta mixture

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