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In my move to the mountains, it seems like EVERY energy bar or granola bar company is sending me goods! Which I obviously don’t mind, because I need as much hiking fuel as I can get my hands on these days.

My first batch of bars came from Dharma Bars which set the bar pretty high since their bars are all organic, all vegan and gluten-free and made from just a few simple, natural ingredients, which is crucial for me. If I see bars with more than seven or eight ingredients, I generally steer away from them! Dharma has three types of bars-Endurance, Recover and Balance. I tried the first two and the only ingredients (all organic) in both of them were dates, almonds, almond butter, vanilla extract, cocoa, hemp and cherries. Simple…just the way I like it!

Neither of them had an overwhelmingly amazing taste, mostly just notes of cocoa and dates, which is fine by me. They definitely kept my energy up during hiking/walking and didn’t make me feel bloated or overly full like some bars. They aren’t super high in protein, it’s more the healthy fats and carbs that kept me fueled, and that’s all I really ever need!


Naturally, I went for the Endurance bar first to begin a beautiful, foliage hike and it kept me satisfied the entire time. This flavor was more subtle and mostly tasted like dates blended with chocolate-not a bad mix 😉

The Recover version I had on the way back, and it had a sweeter, more fulfilling flavor with the addition of hemp and cherries. It kind of felt like a little reward/dessert at the end of the hike, and held me over until we got to the most amazing pizza place in the entire world-blog on that coming soon!

In the meantime, get some Dharma Bars for your next workout!



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