Nice Cream Sammies

As vegan UN-friendly as Boulder can be sometimes, they are absolutely KILLING the plant-based ice cream game. I professed my love for Best One Yet a couple weeks ago, and Nice Cream Sammies is an equally delicious love affair, that has me craving ice cream all day, every day. These adorably packaged raw, vegan AND […]

Pear Apple Mini Tarts

I still feel like I’m mildly recovering from all my Thanksgiving cooking in Malibu. Prepping a holiday meal for a dozen adults and four kids is no joke. Sure, I had to cook for them all every day, but there’s MUCH more pressure when it comes to the actual Thanksgiving day meal. Especially when I […]

Scratch & Grain Baking Kits

I am FOREVER advocating for getting kids in the kitchen, cooking, baking and learning about their food and where it comes from. When I was nannying or spending time with my nieces, chances are, I was trying to convince them to blend their own smoothies, make healthy treats and desserts. I taught cooking classes to […]

Best One Yet Ice Cream

Because it’s legit, one of the best ever. Making new plant-based friends in Boulder is always my favorite. It isn’t the MOST vegan-friendly city in the country, and so I’m always super excited to try local, small business owners who are cranking out delicious dairy-free food and treats.  And Best One Yet is probably the sweetest […]

San Francisco Eats: Part One

San Francisco has been on my list of places to visit for a LONG time. I’m so in love with SoCal, I figured NorCal would be equally as amazing. The verdict though? Here’s some things I learned while traveling to the bay area: San Fran is home to some of the MOST incredible vegan food […]

Cacao Date Hemp Balls

For every hike I’ve set out on recently, I’ve made sure to have plenty of snacks to bring along for the trek. Considering Boulder is easily one of, if not THE most, active place I’ve ever been, there is no shortage of protein/energy bars, granolas, snacks and bites in almost every store. The Whole Foods, […]