Alternative Vegan Cookbook Review + Chickpea Kale Pesto Pizza

Clearly, I’m backed up on cookbook review. Which is a shame because all of them would have been a stellar gift fror anyone in your life for the holidays! There’s always birthdays though, right? Alternative Vegan was SLIGHTLY misleading to me at first. At initial glance, I assumed it was unique or creative dishes of […]

Sun Milk Product Review

At this point in my life, I can’t imagine I will EVER buy store-bought non-dairy milk again. Because making it at home is seriously sooooo much better, and it’s usually just soaked nuts and water. None of the fillers, preservatives, gums or weird ingredients that even the best-quality, organic variations Whole Foods still contain. Cashew, […]

Real Food, Really Fast Review + Tofu Shakshuka Recipe

Of all the cookbooks I got over holiday break, Real Food, Really Fast MIGHT be my favorite. This beautifully photographed recipe collection has some incredibly impressive, and complex looking dishes, that actually only ten minutes to put together.  TEN! And I know a lot of cookbooks claim that. Super easy and fast recipes, that never […]

Nice Cream Sammies

As vegan UN-friendly as Boulder can be sometimes, they are absolutely KILLING the plant-based ice cream game. I professed my love for Best One Yet a couple weeks ago, and Nice Cream Sammies is an equally delicious love affair, that has me craving ice cream all day, every day. These adorably packaged raw, vegan AND […]

Made in Nature Snacks

Does Made in Nature really need an introduction? Found in health food stores all over the country, you’ve probably seen Made in Nature on the shelves at places like Whole Foods. And lucky me, I live down the street from their office and test kitchen here in Boulder now! And so they let me sample some of […]

Hank’s Protein Plus Spreads

When I think about the foods I’m most addicted to, almond butter and peanut butter are at the very top of my list. It’s hard to find a nut butter I don’t love, if we’re being honest. But I don’t think I’ve ever come across a peanut butter as delicious or as high in protein […]