Piante Pizzeria: The Best EVER

GUYS. I’ve done it. I’ve finally done it.  I HAVE FOUND THE BEST VEGAN PIZZA ON THE PLANET. And lucky for me, it’s pretty close to Boulder. And I fully expect to gain like 50 lbs eating at Piante Pizzeria in Breckenridge as often as I possibly can. Before I even get into how freaking […]

Dharma Bars

In my move to the mountains, it seems like EVERY energy bar or granola bar company is sending me goods! Which I obviously don’t mind, because I need as much hiking fuel as I can get my hands on these days. My first batch of bars came from Dharma Bars which set the bar pretty high since […]

Butler Foods Soy Curls and Jerky

With all the hiking I’ve been doing, I’ve been having some serious jerky envy. Though most of my hiker friends opt for granola bars and some sort of nut mixture when we’re trekking, often times it often includes jerky, as well. And sad little vegan over here, I never get to have any. I’ve tried […]

Colorado Vegan Eats

While I’m trying really hard to cook at home as much as possible now and force all the vegan food upon Steve (we’re currently doing a plant-based taco cleanse-more on that later), I am still loving exploring new places to eat. Though I’ve exhausted many of the few vegan spots in Boulder, now that I […]

Cacao Date Hemp Balls

For every hike I’ve set out on recently, I’ve made sure to have plenty of snacks to bring along for the trek. Considering Boulder is easily one of, if not THE most, active place I’ve ever been, there is no shortage of protein/energy bars, granolas, snacks and bites in almost every store. The Whole Foods, […]

Seitan Steak Tips

I’ve complained FOR-EVER about how much I’ve missed blogging and creating new recipes and enjoying myself in the kitchen. And finally, FINALLY…I’m back to where I want to be! I haven’t been cooking a ton yet, and I’ve yet to still do a real, full grocery shopping trip on my own, but I have been […]