Nice Cream Sammies

As vegan UN-friendly as Boulder can be sometimes, they are absolutely KILLING the plant-based ice cream game. I professed my love for Best One Yet a couple weeks ago, and Nice Cream Sammies is an equally delicious love affair, that has me craving ice cream all day, every day. These adorably packaged raw, vegan AND […]

Leap Smoothies

GUYS, GUYS, GUYSSSS. I can’t even pretend to contain my excitement over Leap Smoothies! I’m losing it. I am actually addicted to these insanely delicious, super nutrient-dense smoothie additive that have been giving my breakfast bowls the most INSANE colors as of late.  These prepacked powders are all raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free and packed full […]

West Coast Cooking

I swear I didn’t die, you guys. Though over a month without a post would make it seem that way. I hope you were watching all my food porn over on Facebook and Instagram during my month long trek through Laguna Beach, San Diego, LA, Vegas and Colorado. It was an absolutely incredible month filled […]

Boulder Eats: Part Two

I’ve not even been in Boston 72 hours and I’m already counting down the days until I can get back to Boulder. The more I look back on pictures and dwell on my time there, the more I am in awe of just how amazing it was. And I get hungry recounting it all. Really […]

Raw Rainbow Pad Thai

So I can’t BELIEVE this recipe hasn’t made it to the blog yet. It’s gotta be one of the top five recipes I teach in classes, and people absolutely adore it. It’s raw vegan, gluten-free and gives me an excuse to whip out the spiralizer during classes. It’s much better enjoyed during the summer months, […]

Tropical Ginger Coconut Smoothie Bowl

And the smoothie bowl fad rages on! Breakfast is quickly becoming my biggest and most beloved meal of the day. More effort goes into my morning food than the rest of the day, combined. And can you blame me? It’s some of the most gorgeous food I’ve ever created! Full of such vibrance and color. […]